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Sales Automation Tool: Lead Generation With SEO

Are you making use of SEO, the sales automation tool in your marketing strategy? If the answer is no, then you are losing a great opportunity to achieve more traffics and CTR and also qualified organic leads to your website. We recommend you to do lead generation through SEO and increase your website traffics and gain conversion.


Before we talk about the ways to generate leads through SEO, let us look into the importance of SEO under sales automation in the field of lead generation. 


Only creating Ads won’t help you attract users, because we have seen that most people ignore or block ads. Don’t count on paid ads, as it won’t give you many valuable results if you are missing out on SEO. This is how SEO helps in lead generation: 

a) A prospect researches on such keywords, so they get results by the search engine, they may go to your content and find links back to your that triggers to organic search.  

b) SEO ranks your content and site based on the keywords that users look for the business purpose. 

c) You can have an opportunity to convert the leads into your potential customers if your content meets their needs and is satisfied with the content you have provided.    

Require to build up an SEO strategy and need a tool for that. HubSpot is there to help you out. Check in the link given below:


SEO is of great help to our growing businesses. Isn’t it? 




Now let us go through the ways by which we can use a sales automation tool to generate leads with SEO: 


1. Construct an SEO environment

There are no shortcuts to SEO, you must have a researched, well planning, rich content, engagement, and sales metrics. Moreover, you have to research and find out topics and keywords that you can highly target and use in your content, links, etc. to create an ecosystem. Instead of improving the SEO tactics, you must focus on the SEO ecosystem. Once, if you create that well, you can have a lot of traffic, and leads will be converted more than usual. 

2. Examine the Page One of Google

Take time to survey each of the page One lists from google and find out the highest priority keywords that are used in the contents which are ranking in the highest priority. Likewise, you can understand which parts of your content is lagging.  

3. Adapt Behavioral Analytics

SEO can help you win half a battle and the rest achievement is done only when the readers visit your website. If you want to know and understand what are the experiences of users on your website. Then, you have to use behavioral analytics platforms like the one in HubSpot. Through this, you can know how far they have scrolled which parts they have skipped, or clicked and note down the data to make the changes to the pages where there are errors.

Do not wait! Use behavioral analytics from HubSpot to know the onsite experience of your readers. 

4. Choose the topics and keywords entirely

In the sales funnel, many of them look for the success of SEO at one level only. If you want to achieve benefits and revenue from the efforts you made in SEO, you have to nurture your clients consistently throughout their journey and answer their doubts and educate them on the entire product or service that you are offering them.  

5. Convert the old content into new prospects

This might sound silly and is not much used by marketers, instead all make efforts on newly made content. We can look for older content that is already bringing traffic and then estimate it. To make changes in the old post, renovate it and try to add the current date. This is one way to bring in traffic and enhance lead generation real quick.  

6. Enhance Search engine result page CTR

Do you want to have  a higher revenue? Then increase your CTRs because the more users click through your content the more ROI you get. If your CTR is high you will anyhow have ranking on the search engine result page. But for having good revenue you can always focus on increasing CTRs. 

7. Resolve client’s problems

It is known by all of us that if we help out our customers with their issues and provide a better service. Also, they will have trust in the brand and we will be getting references from all of our clients. To resolve their problem you can use many software and tools available. HubSpot already offers solutions for most of your questions. You can conduct surveys, feedbacks, and online polls through another wonderful. 

8. Add contents to CTA and your services

CTAs are a call to action which tells the customer what we want them to do after advertising. Therefore, you can add CTAs to your content to add meaning. Let our readers engage and make sure you provide them with all the content they need. 

We add CTAs to subscribe to blogs and eBooks in general. Use it to drive more interest in your services as well.  

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