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7 Lead Nurturing Strategies Using Sales Automation

We are here with 7 efficient strategies or techniques of lead nurturing through the use of sales automation. Before we start with methods let us know what is lead nurturing all about. 


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The lead nurturing methods implies educating, engaging and building up the relationship by providing them with useful information and with support in every stage of the sales funnel and throughout your buyer’s journey .  


Lead nurturing is crucial for the development and success of your business. This strategy would have an impression on the buyer’s decision and help to narrow the marketing approach. You can listen to your customer’s pain points and their demands and turn up with products, solutions, and content that will help them deal with their issues.  


There are numerous ways through which you can nurture your leads. Despite having the advantages of lead nurturing, the marketing team or the marketers faced difficulty in building the right tactics. According to a survey done in 2019, 60% of the respondent marked their nurturing program as a failure. So, now you know why we need some effective strategies to nurture our leads so that we can achieve success. 




 Without further delay let’s get started with our lead nurturing tactics. 


7 successful lead nurturing strategies with sales automation that you must use :


Needless to say, there are numerous ways to nurture leads. But, here we will be discussing 7 most effective strategies that you must be using to grow your business:-


1. Strengthen the content marketing


That the clients must always be aware and educated about the product or the services you are providing them. It will help them decide whether to become your customer or not. Researches have proved that if you create well-targeted content for your prospect they are more likely to turn into your customers. 


First, you should start with understanding your buyer’s persona and provide content that is relevant to your prospect. Also, keeping in mind to position your brand so that you have the answers and solutions for their problems. You must create targeted content for each persona and stages of their journey with your brand based on their goals, interest, and marketing activations.


Therefore, you must have a sales automation platform to help target your buyer persona as you measure the tactics. 


  2. Focus on multiple touchpoints


As discussed in the last point, the buyer’s journey on every stage is different based on their persona and interest.


It requires a targeted content for each. Researches have suggested that the prospects before becoming your customers receive 10 touchpoints. Like 10 opportunities to engage and contact with you right from the time they come to know about your brand. This way you and your customer will be able to build trust and strengthen your relationship.


 Besides providing various relevant content to the prospect in their stages of the journey. You must have an automated email sequence process and you are suggested to send one email per week after the buyer has joined the email list. To add to this, take the help of social media, whitepapers, blog posts, or even direct mails to interact with prospects. Based on the interactions, you can progress to the next step of the sequence.  


3. Using multiple channels and welcome emails


 Unlike before when we used the lead nurturing tactics to set up email campaigns that send out common mails to the listed prospects, now marketers are in search of new strategies that go beyond simple emails.


Taking the help of marketing/sales automation platforms you have plenty of channels where you can execute the lead nurturing strategies. The multiple channels include social media, paid targeting, email marketing, website content, and also direct sales. To maintain and balance among the channels and to execute it in a proper way your sales and marketing team should co-operate and must be aligned well. 


Coming to the welcome emails is very essential because it is the initial interaction with you and your customer. You must present it in such a way that the prospect has a  good impression of your brand and shows interest to continue the journey. Another point that matters is the urgency of the welcome mail- around ¾th of the prospects expect the welcome email as soon as he subscribes to your email. Delaying can lead to a chance of losing the opportunity to connect with prospects.    


 4. Follow-up with leads and qualify leads


 If your team follows up with the prospect immediately, it proves to be effective. We understand that lead nurturing techniques with sales automation bring a huge number of the prospect to us. The best way to convert the prospect into your customer is to follow up through emails or calls immediately as the chances of conversion are higher which leads to website conversion. Making a well-planned call on time knowing what the prospect is looking for is more useful than several cold calls.  


Lead qualification begins with inbound marketing where prospects expect to get something useful in return. During this period the prospect can ask you for details about the products and services you provide.


If you cannot qualify leads and interact with them as earliest as possible you may miss the chance of communicating with them further. Thus, you fail to nurture them through your sales funnel, and probably the lead might not convert into a customer. You must recognize which prospects are ready to convert by using the lead scoring method which we will discuss next. 


5. Use lead scoring 


 If you are not aware of the method of lead scoring, this is a  process used for ranking the prospects based on how each lead distinguishes value on your organization. We develop the lead scoring system to determine which prospect fits best for your products and services. We can implement lead scoring in the sales automation platform by values assigned to website browsing, social media interactions, conversion events. Later, we can use the resultant score to decide which lead is ready for the conversion and which needs to be nurtured more.       


6.  Personalized email marketing


Email marketing has been always the most highly-effective strategy for nurturing leads as said earlier. If you send personalized emails, it yields better results.  Research finds that about 41% of customers changed the brands because they lacked personalization. A personalized email should contain the customer’s name followed by a piece of message that is most applicable for the recent activity performed by the person.


It can be triggered emails, sent when the person completes an action on pages of your website or downloading contents. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated by the use of personalized email.


7.  Align sales and marketing strategies and CTA journey


The coordination and alignment of the sales and marketing team are very crucial in making the lead nurturing stronger and in improving the customer retention rate. Both teams help in identifying the points in the buyer’s journey. The teams share responsibilities, goals for the collaboration in SLA (sales and marketing service level agreement). Through this SLA the two teams remain tied up and help in converting those leads to customers.  


Lastly, we are going to talk about CTA journeys, you must know that CTA invites the prospects to involve with your brand at a staging place on your website and social media. When prospects respond to your CTA you understand that the prospect is ready to purchase. Here the nurturing ends and the process of sale closing starts.  


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