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Lead Generation Autopilot: Sales Automation Software

Lead generation Autopilot is a sales automation software that is user-friendly, that works for e-mail and SMS. The autopilot will let you automate your customer’s journey prominently. To make the sales process successful you need to initiate a good sales funnel, which will not only give clarity to the sales reps but also set up a  process. Each one of them is held accountable and makes sure that they are going through the sales funnel.  

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Stages of the sales funnel in a sales automation software

There are several stages of the sales funnel that is: Recognize new leads, Interacting with the prospect, qualifying the prospect, evaluating and nurturing the leads, crossing the hurdles, closing the lead, get a reference from the customer ensuring better service.  

Enhancing the lead generation capacity is the top priority of all the managers of the organization.   

The sales funnel of B2B and B2C is quite different from each other: 

a) After product or service awareness, in B2B decision is complex, takes a longer time. Buyers research and examine the products and go through the reviews and product demos before purchasing. In B2C, it is relatively a simpler process, they go through the product details and reviews and purchase it.  

 b) In B2B sales the transaction cost is higher and there is a long-term commitment to the provider. In B2C sales the purchase is cheaper and the product can be returned and there is no such commitment.  

c) The purchase can conclusively affect the reputation, performance, and the return of investment of the brand. In B2C, the organizations bear no risk regarding the purchase, it only involves the customers. 

d) Here in B2B, the results, logic, and value to the business hold value. In B2C, emotions, desire, status, and  satisfaction matters the most. 

e) B2B sales involve multiple decision-makers or influencers whereas there are only a few people who decide in B2C sales.   


Back in those days, buyers were less educated about the products and services, and can only learn about them from the salesperson. Now those days are over. The buyers have become more conscious about the products and services they are about to purchase.  

The buyers already collect more than half of the information before the sales team approaches them.  

As there are millions of blogs and content being published on the internet, people can easily research the products, make a conversation with the brands, compare among them, and then decide what is right for them. In addition to that, the lead generation autopilot focuses more on generating leads for your business.






Sales automation software like lead generation autopilot can sound very high-tech and a complicated process. In reality, it is not complex rather it is a much simpler process. Through this, we can interact with our prospects with the help of software automatically.  

The lead generation process is a part of the market or sales automation. 

Let us discuss a few benefits of lead generation i.e sales automation software: 

  1. They generate lead automatically without human labor. Whenever new prospects subscribe to your e-mail, you do not have to respond personally as a welcome e-mail automatically generates for every new subscriber.  
  2. The software asks the prospect about the expectations and requirements of your brand. After which, they are classified into different segments according to their requirement. 
  3. The subscriber then automatically gets a nurturing journey that the software is customizing. 
  4. There is a multi-channel solution in automation. You can generate leads with the help of not only email (e-mail marketing) but also other channels like on-website and in-app messaging, SMS, and direct messages.  
  5. You can increase efficiency through automation as the autopilot itself does half of the work after the lead generation. After you fix a call, the salesperson visits the prospect for further discussion.  

Get to know how can you integrate autopilot with HubSpot by clicking the link below:

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1. Collect leads from Google

  Google allows all to make advertisements on multiple platforms which includes Google network or YouTube. People will click on the ads whenever they are ready to purchase. Before publishing the ads, you must improve the landing page of your website. Look for the best keywords, create valuable content. Once you do this google becomes the best platform to capture leads.  

2. Capture leads through Facebook

Facebook ads allow us to run ad campaigns that target those who show interest in the product or services and want to participate.  They can simply fill up a  form about their details and submit it. This helps you in cost-cutting. You will get the right prospects from this Facebook campaign and you do not have to invest in paid advertising.  

3. Leads from gated content

Before making a purchase the customers go through a lot of learning, seeking help from the content. There are gated contents which means they are restricted. The customer needs to subscribe and provide the relevant details(name, email address, and contact details). You can do this for generating leads. Capture the details of the customer and interact with them to encourage them to make a purchase further. In return, marketers deliver content with high-value content like eBooks, templates, newsletters, and a guide “How to”. With the help of Autopilot, you can generate forms, and e-mail ta content automatically. The follow-ups are also down automatically within a few days. 

4. Through SMS

Not only Google and Facebook, but you can also collect leads through SMS. The fact is that the prospect opens only 98% of the SMS received. People use mobile more than anything. Therefore, you can expect the response to be high than any of the other mediums. Nowadays people use mobile more than anything, therefore the response expected is higher than any other medium. The follow-ups are done via e-mail or calls. 

5. Through an event

It is a wonderful way to represent your products and services in front of the audience through an event. This is helpful in cases where a prospect is not ready to purchase through online or email marketing. In an event, you represent your brand visually. Besides, you can capture the personal details of prospects who show interest and have a good interaction with them. The follow-ups will be done through multiple channels like e-mail, SMS, or phone calls. 

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