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Lead Scoring And Prioritization By Sales Automation Process

In this content, we are going to share with you what is lead scoring and prioritization. Also, how to do the sales automation through these two processes. 



As usual, firstly we would let you know about the above-mentioned terms so that you can understand them in a better way. 



 Therefore, now let us know what it is and why do we require it in sales. Lead scoring is a  crucial procedure for lead management. Through sales automation, we can determine which lead you must prioritize. How to put it in the sales funnel at the right time so that the sales team reaches the lead in a well-planned manner.  



What lead scoring models do?



They keep a track of the activities or the digital engagement of the lead with us. Such as clicking the email, website visit, or downloading of a form or eBook(pdf), and scores the lead on assigned value for every action basis. The lead scoring and prioritization model can adequately help you enhance your overall sales and lead management.  



It works as automation by routing and assign leads to reps based on parameters set on CRM accordingly.  



Now coming to Lead prioritization. What does prioritization mean?



 It is simply about differentiating the relevant leads from the junk ones so that the sales team can reach out to them at the correct time.  



Every organization receives many sales leads but all do not prove to be relevant or not meant for conversion. Some are likely to convert first while a few never would like to convert.   



A study reports that 79% of leads do not convert to a sales opportunity. Another result from data says that sometimes it can be very less about 13% of a lead converting opportunities.  




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Let’s start with the ways for prioritization and lead scoring by sales automation. 






1. Determine and be immediate



We have suggested earlier also that you should be real quick while interacting with a new coming lead as immediate calling lead yields higher conversion rates. You have to find out how relevant the lead is and is worth to be prioritized.  



The sales calls must be persistent. We suggest that one or two even 6 calls a day is not enough for converting the prospect. As it does not amplify the sales conversion. You can achieve the rate of persistence by technology from automation processes like CRM workflows.



 2. Use of Artificial Intelligence



The organization that performances high in the conversion of leads try to use AI to prospect smartly and increase the sale. It is also necessary to use AI to escalate the competition and incrementing awareness among the customers. 



  3. Facilitate the lead qualification



The customers may not want you to ask a lot of questions to them. Therefore, the sales representatives should specifically collect vital information and provide a short briefing on the prospect’s persona.  It is better that you don’t ask too many questions in the form. Rather, provide more and more information about the lead’s potential. The useful data like the email address, location, job title, company name, contact details, social media links saves time. They help to know enough about the prospect and his needs. 



4. Prioritize the leads with a creative dual scoring system



With the help of an automation tool, you will soon come to know which leads have been most active or most often engaged with your organization. The tools make sure that your team is approaching the best prospects at first. The data analyze the scores for the leads in the scoring models. Moreover, you can construct your scoring model that will give double prioritization. The leads receiving high scores based on their engagement are automatically shifted to CRM for further routing.  



5. Scheduling emails and calls



 Scheduling a meeting or call and even emails through a tool is a much smarter way than to normally schedule a meeting. With the help of a tool, the communicating time does not have to face an obstacle. In fact, it schedules the calls or meetings on time. You can simply share your calendar with the preferable time slots. The prospect would select any of the times according to their schedule.  



Lead scoring models 



We are concluding by sharing some lead scoring models in the sales automation of Hubspot with you.



There are six various scoring models based on the data you want to collect from various leads: 



  • Company Information- Are you a B2B organization? Then, you will be keen on selling according to company type, size, or industry. Ask any questions on your landing page to get responses from suitable leads. 



  • Demographic information-  You can deal with particular demography. So, you can easily give a negative score to the leads who do not fall to your criteria. 



  • Email engagement-  Many of them may have subscribed to your company email. You will not understand who is much interested to be your customer. For that, you need to keep an eye on the click-through rates. Your sales team may know who has gone through all of your lead nurturing emails. Through this, they measure the level of interest of the lead. 



  • Online behavior- The way of interaction with you or your website tells a lot about the interest of the purchasing capacity of the lead. What kind of downloads they are having from your website? Which specific offers are they interested in? You can score them accordingly. The one who has stopped visiting your website or any downloads over 30 days, has no more interest in your website, and neither wants to continue.



  • Spam detection-  You can give a negative score to the one who has not shared relevant information or did not complete the form. Or, if any business organization is using Gmail or yahoo mail instead of their organization’s email address, organizations will mark them as spam..  



  • Social engagement-  Engaging a lead with you in a social network site can also judge the lead’s interest. Like do the like and share your Facebook pages and retweet your posts on Twitter and so on. 

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