Sales Prospecting in Automation Process

  • March 22, 2021

We hope you are aware of the word sales prospecting in the automation process. If you are not, we shall start with a short definition of sales prospecting.  

What does Sales prospecting mean in automation process?


Prospecting is applying some methods like cold calling, emails or messages, outbound calls to new potential leads, or nurturing some of the old leads which are inactive.  

Sales prospecting automation has a goal that is to initiate the business. They nurture the prospects through the sales funnel in such a manner so that the prospect turns into a revenue-generating client.  

Many organizations have accomplished their goals by some processes. Like, the process of hiring some of  the sales prospectors or developers, also known as business development reps.  

They fulfill the sales pipeline and prepares prospects who are ready to purchase. They do not waste time on each lead who is not converting easily.  

You can do this with the help of sales tools which help the reps target those customers who are potential and interested in your services. It is an important aspect of any sales strategy which allows new leads to become potential customers within a time-frame.  

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There are two types of prospect you will be getting-: 

I) Customers who will provide you a promising long-term value and business. They are always satisfied with your products, services, and  delivery. 

II)  The ones who agitate after a deal gets closed between you.  

To have a deeper understanding let’s take a look at the sales funnel. Know how prospecting plays a great role in the sales funnel. 

sales automation process


Sales prospecting in the sales funnel


  1. Research on the lead quality

It determines the quality of leads by  following some criteria to estimate the chances of  a lead to become a potential customer with the help of CRM with keeps track of all the existing and the new customers depending on the stages of the sales funnel. 

  1. The probability to connect more prospects

When you are trying to get in touch with a prospect, there is a possibility that you do not get a chance to discuss with the final decision-maker at first instead you may have to inform the whole program to their assistants. Only after that, you can pass the proposal on to the final decision-maker.  

  1. Scheduling the appointment with the prospect

The final decision-maker or your potential lead gives an appointment of a meeting in order to discuss the important facts and understand the proposal with the sales reps and make them qualify for the next stage of the sales funnel. 

  1. Assess and educate the lead  

Firstly, the sales reps have to recognize the needs of the prospects and nurture them according to that. They must offer values and educate them based on their requirements. Now, every prospect has got some estimated budget and  time-bound. It may refrain them to go ahead with your products and services.

To avoid this, sales reps need to discuss with the prospects about the services and design them according to their requirements and the estimated budget.  

  1. Closing the deal

Later, the sales reps having discussed with the prospect they are ready to close the deals and turn the prospects into customers who will generate revenue for the organization.  

They need to take care of the closing ratio that is the number of deals a sales rep has closed and won.  

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