Using progressive profiling in sales automation

  • March 23, 2021

You must be thinking that what can be the link between the term “progressive profiling in sales automation” and sales prospecting. Well! You can say that Progressive profiling is a crucial part of sales prospecting. 

We are going to explain progressive profiling in detail just to make your concept clear.  

What does progressive profiling in sales automation mean?


Progressive profiling can be defined as a technique used to collect small bits of information from the lead by allowing them to fill up short forms which can be a repetitive process but it is easier to gather all valuable information of the lead instead of asking for too much of information at once.  

You can never collect a large number of data from a particular lead at once, doing this might not be comfortable for the leads and they would not like to continue with you anymore.  

Progressive profiling allows you to collect relevant data at the right time from the right prospects.  




There are a few ways through which you can implement progressive profiling, the best marketing automation platforms like HUBSPOT. The functioning of forms does the job of progressive profiling. In the initial stages for the conversion of a lead must gain some valuable content.

Firstly, when a visitor pays a visit to your website, you ask them to fill the signup form on the landing page of the website with lesser fields to fill-up. You should ask for the remaining information in the next form where you replace the first form with new forms and update the certain records in the CRM.     

This helps you know the journey of the leads and you can nurture them throughout the sales funnel. 

HUBSPOT lets the user remove a particular field if they fill it up once, it will not be asked when the user visits the site again. But in case of any alteration of fields especially the email address or the contact number, Hubspot advice to filling up those fields every time.  

There must be prepared forms for each stage of the purchasing cycle or the sales funnel, for each of the content or newsletter you are providing to the lead, you must ask for a few information that matches the requirement of the contents. The fields may also differ according to the personas.  

Know how to use progressive fields in the forms. Click the link to a blog from HubSpot below:

You can easily build up the smart dynamic forms within a few minutes  with a help of a tool. 

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Here are some best practices of progressive profiling, that you can sales automation: 


  1. Ask for the Crucial information first

You will require a lot of data to collect from a lead but we always recommend you to ask only  fewer questions initially. Only, the ones you require the most from the lead to send them content and nurture them through the sales funnel.   

Other information can be asked for later on when the lead comes back again. 

  1. Line up your questions or requests according to stages of the buying cycle

The questions or the information you ask from the lead in the forms should be aligned in such a way that it goes according to the stage of the lead in the sales cycle. You should not ask for a hasty commitment. 

You can also perform an analysis of the length of the sales cycle.  Like, how many times the conversion  is taking place before the lead gets converted. It will help to line up the questions to the lead at the right time.  

  1. Customize the progressive profiling to different buyer’s persona

It is important to segment your leads into several stages. Then you can customize progressive profiling based on the different segments of the leads you have. Adding those forms to the landing page of your website you can achieve the relevant information from the leads. 

  1. Improving the campaigns following the lead patterns

With increasing time, you would keep on adding leads, but you have to keep track of the positions of the lead in the sales cycle. Some leads are inactive or they discontinue the journey while some can be highly active. You can use these track details for nurturing them and providing content according to their behavior and interests.   

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