Powerful Sales automation CRM (HubSpot)

  • March 13, 2021

Here in this content, we will be discussing the HubSpot Sales automation CRM. 

Unlike the sales automation software which is designed to provide the right content to the prospects from the marketer’s end. CRM software is typically designed to help the team in processing the customer service and sales smoothly, track and manage the engagement with the customers. 

Now we shall mention a few ways through which you can increase sales while saving time, engage with more leads with the help of HubSpot CRM.  

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1. Organize a sequence of personalized email

To engage with leads in a better and simpler way, you can use the CRM data and generate the email sequences which will add touches of personalization without any hard work(re-creating manual content).


2. Data entry automation

The sales team spent almost half the time of the day in data entry, updating, and management. If you apply data automation with the HubSpot CRM system can help you in saving time and managing data efficiently.  


3. Register automatically all the customer interactions

The HubSpot CRM automatically registers the email and phone call interactions with you and the customer. As a result, your interaction records remain updated and you can make your next move based on the records knowing where does the lead stands in the sales funnel. 


4. Customer service automation

When you use chatbot software to interact with your customers regarding resolving the issues, then the available data and the recorded chat should automatically register in the CRM which is going to assist you during the resolving queries.  


Sales automation

Let us further know how to set up CRM automation in your organization system. Knowing about automated CRM and the ways through which it will help you in increasing sales and saving time in your business.  


How to organize Sales automation CRM in your system? 


1. Register new CRM entries from an online form submission and purchases

Whenever a valued customer completes a form fill-up or purchases a product or service from your website, the details entered by the customer should be automatically saved in the CRM.  


2. Segregate your contacts into a distinct email list

There may be a huge number of contacts or leads and can be difficult to manage. So through CRM automation, you can divide your contacts into appropriate lists based on their behavior, past orders, and product preferences. 


3. Nurture CRM leads

 Build up a strong relationship with the new leads and nurture them further throughout the sales funnel by providing them with helpful content, eBook, and welcome them with automated personalized email campaigns.


4. Generate follow-up reminders

Converting leads into customers is a time-tasking task. Hence, you should always have to stay in touch with the potential leads who can be your valuable customer if you nurture them well. For this, you need to follow-up with them at certain intervals setting reminders so that you can contact them within the time frame.  

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The HubSpot CRM has overall built-in incorporation with various other tools which makes your automation task easier. We will include the CRM integration with the HubSpot CRM: 

a) Gmail tracks the emails send from Gmail within the CRM. 

b) Intercom does send the auto-qualified leads from the chatbot to the CRM contact list. 

c)Proposify generates, edits, and sends proposals within the CRM, and also saves the proposed data to the contacts assigned. 

d)Salesmsg– Sends and receives text messages from prospects within the CRM.  

Likewise, automation with CRM helps you accomplish many tasks making it simpler and time-consuming.   

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