Lead enrichment through sales automation

  • March 4, 2021

Lead enrichment through sales automation is vital for building up a rich profile for the potential leads with better quality data.  

With the help of sales automation tools, you can achieve this same as you have accomplished the other parts of the lead management process.  

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What is lead enrichment?

All the processes and tools that improve and verify the potential lead’s data or the targeted lead accounts. In every business, you need improvement and you can achieve it by enriching the leads using a marketing automation platform.

 Now we will be discussing the ways you can do lead enrichment by sales automation : 


1. Contact the inbound leads as quickly as possible

You can reach out to an inbound  lead as soon as possible, within a few minutes. If you want to increase your lead conversion rates from the inbound leads then you need to be real quick in collecting all the required information about the prospect. Then your marketing automation tool comes into play. The intelligence platform should match the information of the lead. Such as the email address provided by the lead to the company and database before proceeding with the enrichment process. 

2. Enhance your lead scoring models with data points

Whatever an employee does, it is for the betterment of the company. It has to achieve its objectives, decision process, and ecosystem, all these factors are equally important behind converting a lead into a paying customer and these are going to reflect on your lead scoring model. Focus on improving the customer profile. Use more data points from the company to add on to your lead scoring model and make it clear that whom we prioritize.

3. Lead routing in your CRM to the right reps

Making use of the automation, you can route the enriched profile to the representatives in the CRM.  For instance, you have  HubSpot automation tool. A lead there in HubSpot is matched with an account of a lead who is the director of some other renowned company. He can get the notification in his company’s end about the interaction 

If an account is completely new, then the lead is automatically routed to the suitable sales representatives. Like, using data points the right representatives route leads leads for multiple industries. 

4. Short forms on landing pages for more conversion

 If you create short forms on your landing pages, you are likely to convert better leads. The data of the company helps you find out new leads besides improving the lead which has already come. Remove unused fields by using the data platform to fill-up the fields. All you have to be sure is you have a valid Email Id.  

5. Nurturing campaigns personalization

Post first interaction with the lead, you should take a step of further educating or nurturing them. Further, guiding them through the sales pipeline would make a better impact and understanding between you and the prospect. You can use emails, and many other methods to interact with your potential leads.  


There are lead enrichment tools in HubSpot which you can try like LeadSpace and LeadGenius. Because they have the capability of collecting hundreds and thousands of data sources to enhance and enrich your prospect’s profile and keep it up to the mark. 

Check out the Hubspot link for Third party lead enrichment:


But let us be clear with one fact that data and lead enrichment can only help you halfway. The rest of the thing depends on how is the alignment of your sales and marketing team. Also, how well they coordinate with each other to solve problems and work out any difficulties faced. Once you have the alignment done well, the sales automation and lead enrichment will lead you to definite success. 

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