Featured snippets(Box tips)using sales automation

  • March 19, 2021

There is another way we can generate leads using autopilot. We can refer such featured snippets using sales automation to the potential prospects and one who looks for them.  

The rich snippets consist of three parts mainly-  Page title, URL, Description. 

Snippets are usually ‘phrases’ or keywords dealing with various topics that users look for in Google or any search engine.  

Snippets using sales automation provides you with some vital information about a page, or they can be some extra information. It highlights any page which may include images or paragraphs.  

If you want to create a good snippet, it has to be implanted with a particular type of structured data markup on the HTML website. The reason is simple, the markup will notify the search engines what type of content it carries on that page.  

Studies have proved that if you do have rich snippets then your Click-Through-Rate will be increased by 30% almost. Therefore, great snippets using automation can give you a major advantages. 

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We will discuss a few ways through which feature snippets can help  growth in marketing and lead generation strategies: 


1. Establishing credibility and trust 

Suppose you have made a lot of effort in creating your content and also have a valuable one. But, it is  not getting enough traffics or Click-Through rates as expected. Here SEO comes into play. A better SEO Strategy will help you increase the CR and the credibility and faith in your organization. The search engines will place your website in such a manner that it will convince your user that your content is the best of all.


2. Better appearance in organic searches

The snippets complement the contents that are given on the page. If your content has rich snippets then automatically the click- Through rates will be increased. Your representation in the search engine will be stronger. It includes images, graphics, these elements  affect the SEO and lead generation  through snippets. 


3. Turn down the bounce rate

As we have seen a great snippet can increase the context of the one who reads, having a rich snippet will also provide better applicability. The user will know what your page contains before reading it thoroughly. This will help you increase your CTR while decreasing the  bounce rates.  


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 Contribution of SEO in lead generation 


SEO is the biggest way through which your website may receive a good amount of leads.  

To make this happen, you have to represent your website in the best way possible and optimize it. Create valuable content so that the search engines place your website in a position where CTR will increase gradually.  

The traditional method of lead generation does cold calling to the prospects and that  produces a little result which is less valuable.  

SEO just does something which is a contrast to the traditional method of lead generation along with the help of sales automation. 

It helps the prospects to reach you and those prospects or leads are more likely to become your valuable customer and it also gathers more and more traffic with increasing time.  

The rich snippets and SEO are interlinked with each other in the context of producing leads for your company through autopilot.   

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Feature snippets may not always drive traffic

This thing called feature snippets first appeared on Google in 2014. It created a hustle among marketers and SEO. Along, with the use of feature snippets, people found what they wanted to search. Thus, with the snippets, the pages could rank in the SERPs and get high click-through rates. But, here users get to see the content they are looking for in the feature snippets. They do not visit the pages anymore thereby decreasing the website traffic.

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