Efficient LinkedIn Sales Automation Tools

  • March 16, 2021

There are several LinkedIn Sales Automation Tools that we are  going to discuss in this content. 

As you know LinkedIn is one of the most professional platforms and ideal for your business. It makes you obtain the maximum amount of potential leads.   

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Let us list out the LinkedIn sale automation tools for you which will be very helpful for your business: 


1. LinkedIn sales navigator 

Starting with the tool sales navigator, it is the best tool if you want to increase your sales. As it also offers a platform for social media marketing. It connects with the potential prospects in its way.  

They use a special algorithm to find prospects that suit best for the products or services the organization is providing. The sales navigators offer the best insight so that you can make the right decision based on the information. Also, there are relationship-building tools that nurture leads through the sales funnel and helps you to close the deal. 

It also adds new features to the navigator when required regularly. 


2. LinkedIn small business

This tool may be very useful when it comes to social sales and creating a good amount of leads for your small businesses. With the help of this tool, your small business will be on track. It will be able to increase the sales and quality of leads so that it can reach its goals and build up relationships and trust. Firstly, it helps you inaugurate your brand. Secondly, reach out to your relevant targeted audiences. Thirdly, engage them by providing valuable content.  

The last point is crucial because with content marketing you can reach out to your audience. By doing so, you not only gather prospects but also convert them into your brand promoters. 


3. LinkedIn Plugins

Do you want to include some of the functions of LinkedIn to your website? If yes, then you will require the LinkedIn plugins to do so. People might not assume this as a direct source for social selling and increased sales. But they are missing a good chance of engaging with visitors and allowing your audience to  know about you and your organization.  

You can use a list of plugins for your website linking with LinkedIn functionality. The company profile, member profile, Alumni tool, Follow company, LinkedIn autofill.  

When you share a company profile on your website, the audiences who visit your website get an idea of what your company is all about and the people connected with it.  


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4. Dux-soup

You must have heard that LinkedIn automation tool is one of the most popular tools in the market. It is super easy to connect with and engage with the potential leads and also yields a higher amount of conversions.  Dux-soup is a Google Chrome extension. Therefore, it will remain in your browser. All you need to do is stay connected with LinkedIn always in your browser to make the tool work.

Few features of Dux-soup are :

I) It manages prospects by leaving tags and notes on LinkedIn profiles after reviewing them so that you can reach the target prospect directly and automatically.

II) With the help of the CRM system, it allows you to search and upload the list of potential profiles and their information so that it boosts your lead generation efforts.

III) It enables you to auto-connect with your right prospects at the correct time, filtering the profiles and sending personalized content and messages thus saving a lot of time. They also provide live chat support during the hours of business and enable you to get in touch with the support team.  

5. Linked Helper

It is another essential LinkedIn tool you must own. When your potential leads visit your LinkedIn profile and witness your account has a lot of approval and recommendation. The conversion rate automatically goes up.  

  I) LinkedIn Helper allows your leads to get recommendations from your account. You receive a good amount of contact for your list. 

II)  The feature of auto-responding in LinkedIn helps to send personalized content to the contacts you have added to your list. 

III) Linked Helper allows you to stretch your social networks and your contacts and also engaging with them. Besides this, it has auto mailing which helps to communicate between you and your business partners.  


6. LeadFuze

Another tool for LinkedIn automation is this tool. It helps you generate leads from LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Performs the automation by creating a prospect list.

It has an AI feature(Artificial Intelligence) Fuzebot, which only collects relevant leads. It is also connected with CRM solutions like HubSpot which works in collaboration. LeadFuze can get you around 200 million  professional accounts with thousands of leads every month. 

It is appraised by one of the best LinkedIn lead generation tools as it boosts up sales and lead generation to a higher level.  


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The popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter do not offer the B2B networking sales occasion as LinkedIn does. These tools enable you to make better use of the LinkedIn platform and whatever benefits it offers. They maintain the contacts, manage the sales funnel, and focus mainly on the B2B sales with the profile of those who are active in LinkedIn. The tools are used to save time and make efforts in a more clarified and hassle-free way. These are authorizing businesses to carry it out in a creative way that is not adopted by others. These tools will henceforth bring in more advanced LinkedIn automation.  

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