Difference between CRM and Sales automation

  • March 12, 2021

This content is all about focusing on CRM and sales automation. 

You must be thinking that what is the use of separate marketing automation when you already have CRM software. But, let us tell you that sometimes the CRM tool alone may not be compatible with the automation of the sales process.  

So, we will explain the difference between CRM and marketing automation and how both can work combinedly.  

We have already discussed the features or ways to automate CRM software in our system.

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Features of CRM automation


1.  Free and premium delivery

The marketing software should send gated content to the leads. One who selected the option of receiving notifications and emails automatically, from your company. With automation, you do not have to take care of manual automation. It nurtures the lead automatically your interference.  


2. Nurturing leads

Marketing software has to generate email templates or campaigns. Hence, they can deliver the right content to the right audience on time. After you get an email campaign, you can use your CRM to schedule the email. Sending it to the lead at right time, and nurturing them thoroughly to the process of qualification.  


3. Campaign analytics

The automation software generates automation where they evaluate the data for a certain period. Eventually, that shows the performance of the campaign.


4. Personalized workflows

The software should enable you to create customized workflows and that should easily personalize the email campaigns that are suitable to various persona and delivered easily when you require them.  

The requirement of marketing automation software wholly depends on the needs of your organization. We recommend you start with the CRM and other automation will be built depending on your CRM implementation. If you are already having CRM then marketing automation software will help you in: 

  • If the sharing of lead information from sales to the marketing team is not the structured way. You can connect the marketing automation with your CRM so that constant follow-up and some other benefits.  
  •  However, you can imagine how reporting and other administration works can be hectic, and time-consuming. With CRM and marketing automation, the data will be export automatically from the CRM which will save your time and will serve as a solution to efficient data management. 


 Sales automation


CRM vs. Sales automation software 

 The initial comparison between the CRM and the marketing and CRM automation would be that Marketing automation solely manages email marketing campaigns, landing pages or forms, lead tracking and scoring and CRM automation manages sales pipeline process, task managing, pipeline reports, lead status check. There are more tasks CRM automation software does for you. 

The marketing automation can support the sales activities until the leads are being closed. Moreover, they provide information to the CRM and also withdraws while executing a few campaigns, lead nurturing, and lead scoring.

Managing campaigns is the primary task of marketing automation. While the CRM manages opportunity. Transferring leads to opportunities and then managing it the primary focus of CRM which is not available in the marketing automation platforms. A simple example of both the automation software are: 

  1.  Marketing or sales automation software like HUBSPOT is focused on marketing and not fully sales. It is software that lets the organization automate, smoothen, and calculate the marketing workflows and automation tasks. 
  1. A CRM software provider serves as a strategy for managing the interactions and building relationships with the present and existing valued customers. They prioritize the leads according to their position in the sales funnel. 


CRM and Sales automation platforms 

CRM software is used by all the sales professional, but several provides some functions and simplify the process between the sales and marketing teams thus making a better harmony between sales and marketing team.

The information for both teams is saved separately but sometimes it can break the communication between the teams. Reports say that the companies where the sales and marketing team works together have an overall 36% customer maintenance. 

When you integrate the marketing automation with CRM software they can access the sales pipeline or the sales funnel, which will let them create relevant content for the right leads which are based on the phases of the sales lifecycle.  

Many companies have started using the HubSpot automation software for email campaigning with improves the engaging ability of the email content that lacked before and automated workflows, targeted automation with the customer loyalty program.  

Along with the help of HubSpot automation software, they have enhanced the customer experience and they are successful in increasing sales, revenue, and potential customers. 

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