Application of Sales automation technology

  • March 16, 2021

Here in this content, we are supposed to discuss the Sales automation technology or software or you can say the application in your business.  

These software or technologies help us manage the sales team or reps and keep a track of their day-to-day activities. Besides that, it also helps achieve a better sales forecast report which lets you gain a good insight for your future sales.   

There are several SFA solution providers available in the market. As a result, they are in tough competition with the other enterprise solution providers who are providing a wide range of business solutions to the clients.  

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This is the era of a growing business and in this competitive market, the hardware and the infrastructure of the sales automation technology are stronger and compatible enough to meet the requirements of the clients.   

The salesperson needs to access both the desktop/laptop as well as smartphones, tablets, etc.  

Your sales team can be present anywhere, in-house as well as outdoor. Therefore your Sales automation technology must serve the execution in all types of devices.  

If your business is global then your entire team located anywhere has to access the CRM database. Your SFA or sales automation technology must support wireless data transfer and fast media transmission across all the locations. 

Sales automation technology



1. Contact, account, and contract 

Through this, you can get personal details about the customer including the contact number, address, email ID, etc. Also, it assists the customers to manage all the transactions, monitoring the contracts and deals.  


2. Manage events and opportunities 

It helps you plan out the events like webinars, trade shows, conferences, or any meeting with your clients. It also enables you to find out opportunities, gauge the progress, calculating the bonus. Besides that, all sales manager use a function which appraises each sales reps, also known as incentives and then link the auto-payment application with it.   


3. Lead and document management 

The function makes it possible for you to generate and assign new leads to the reps and track the sales. The documents are also important for proceeding with the sales process. Therefore, SFA software helps in maintaining the list of your products, quotations, price lists, etc.  


4. Order and pipeline management 

After you have negotiated with the client, this feature converts the quotation into accurately priced orders including the price lists and configurator. Through pipeline management, you can track and maintain the sales cycle from the beginning of a cycle till the delivery. 


5. Product management 

Firstly, it lists out all the product details including name, model number, specifications, etc, and allows access to the customers. Secondly, it allows the users to modify, design, and price the products and choose the specification of the product. Thirdly, to make the product model more eye-catching, the user or customer produces a 3D model by referring to technical diagrams.  


6. Forecasting sales 

This feature helps the sales manager as well as the sales team to predict the sales figure for the next quarter or year.  The technology tracks all the responses and revenues gained and compares that with the past sales performance and could easily and accurately predict the sales performance for the upcoming days. 


Advantages of Sales Automation Technology over other CRM 


We will conclude this blog by discussing the advantages of SFA technology over CRM.  

1. Personalization of data 

You can customize and shape the software according to your requirements and enhance the reports for your organization and promote data enrichment. 


2. Customer interactions 

Through the SFA technology, interaction with the prospects and old customers has become so easy and customers are satisfied when their queries are answered and issues are resolved.  


3. Incorporation of your product with other platforms 

To know and understand the customer behavior and market, the technology integrates these with other platforms like any web app, social media, mobile app, etc. 


4. Cloud-based computing 

This is one of the most important benefits of SFA technology is that it is fully cloud-based. Hence, no maintenance and installation is required in this technology.  


5. Analytics 

You can easily track customer behavior and their feedback on the product with a  Relational database management system. The previous data helps you analyze the reviews and growth of the service or product.  


6. Diversity 

SFA technology gives various modules like marketing, sales, analytics, etc. The user can execute the modules whenever they require to use them and also combine them within the CRM.  

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