7 reasons why to adopt sales automation technology

  • March 15, 2021

In a competitive market, your business requires a better plan. Also, an investment in sales automation technology is indeed a smart move towards the growth of your business.  

Finding a solution to the pain points of your prospects or your valued buyers can be time-consuming. But at the same time very essential for your organization.  

Also, in the case of sales conversions old techniques like cold calling or meeting you can now achieve that by email marketing. Also, the implementation of the CRM database with sales automation.  

Nowadays, we can see that the sales team has to handle other tasks as well besides sales. Including database maintenance, lead generation, filtering the profiles of the prospect, and repeat customer approval manually. Imagine how much time it may take to deal with these tasks rather than focusing on sales.  

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There are several tasks and processes which need to be carried out along with the sales. To get rid of these grueling tasks, you must surely adopt the salesforce technology which helps them in saving time from the backend processes and frees up more time for concentrating on hardcore sales.  

The sales force automation software or technology on adoption by your organization: 

  • Decreases sales cycle by 18% 
  • Enhance deal closure by 30% 
  • Brings down the sales administration time by 14% 

Now, let us discuss in a few points why should you choose to adopt the sales automation technology for your organization: 


1. Sales forecasting

You need the salesforce technology to understand and measure the trend and sales pattern and therefore compare the previous with the current one. Through technology, you can showcase a precise projection of sales in the future which will give you a clear vision of revenue for the company.  

2. Simplify your sales funnel

To make sure a potential lead does not make an incomplete and unpromising purchase and you can provide personalized and contextual information, you have to maintain a synchronized workflow between the sales and marketing team.  

It is difficult to follow-up with the lead all the time and according to the priority. Automatic lead prioritizing and management can help your sales team make the calls on time and increase the chances of lead conversion.  

3. Upsell and Cross-sell

The technology will store the past information and order history of the existing customer that can be used effectively later on. The sales manager can analyze the detail to identify the demographics of the customer, the order pattern, or customer preferences. Using these metrics the marketing or the sales manager can arrange a campaign that will gather more prospects or generate potential leads for your organization.  

Sales automation technology

4. Better sales approach to modern customer investment

You can improve the sales team by equipping them with procedures and tools that salesforce automation technology provides them. Surveys say that 25% of sales are increased with the collaborative sales technique where the marketing, services, and sales team come together to perform. The collective view of customer data is represented in salesforce because it gives a significance of the customer data. 

5. The greater impact of AI on sales

With the help of automation, the lead nurturing and engagement process saves time for your salesperson from attending to every new lead that comes up. Also, engaging with the prospect via messages is a tiresome process to know the interest level of the prospect. AI power assistants can manage this iterative task. They can help the sales rep prioritize the leads that are more likely to convert than the other leads and besides that, they serve the requirement of the changing preferences of the customers in the market.  

6. Boost up revenue and sales team management

Without wasting much time, you can encourage your sales team to spend time making sales calls. Salesforce technology or automation helps generate estimates, convert the estimates into proposals, and then close a deal. Not only that, but it also sends notifications of the order processing and tracking your order till delivery. Implementing the technology provides a sales manager with a full view of the required metrics of the sales. The sales manager can stay updated with the real-time data on the activities, opportunities and sales figures, etc, and make important decisions as soon as possible.  

7. Lead management and increased close rate and customer retention

The technology offers the facility of lead conversion as well. Mostly, the leads are extracted from marketing campaigns, outbound calls, or from the website. They also notify whenever a new lead arrives in the sales pipeline. You have a great advantage when you call up a lead immediately, chances are high that the prospect will engage and convert easily. From the updated list of prospects, they get the latest lead and can contact them shortly.  


Besides keeping in mind the client acquisitions, regular follow-up of leads can help you retain the customers. The technology not only centralizes the database, tracks the orders, or manage the pipeline but also retains the existing customers and not losing them.    

We hope you are now convinced well that why should you adopt technology in salesforce automation.  

The CRM combined with the SFA technology boosts up the business techniques. The sales team will easily achieve the end-to-end process of sales with the help of technology and ultimately produce a larger number of conversions.  

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