7 benefits of progressive profiling in sales automation

  • March 24, 2021

Certain benefits of progressive profiling in automation will encourage your sales prospecting and are an absolute win for you and your customers.

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Why you should use progressive profiling?


You already know that it is a technique the sales reps use to complete the profiling of each lead. They do it by collecting information into smaller bits depending on which stage of the sales cycle they are in.  

Progressive profiling leads to higher conversion rates. We have already discussed this important advantage in the earlier topic.  

Do you know high conversion is just one of the benefits of progressive profiling you get? There are many more which are important for you to know.  

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Benefits of progressive profiling in sales automation


Let us discuss a few more benefits of progressive profiling in sales automation: 

1. Expand your conversion rates with shorter forms


Progressive profiling always allows you to keep the forms short and simple without losing the valuable lead intelligence.  

If you collect the information repetitively in the smaller forms, it will reduce the friction-related in completing the form. In turn, it will increase your conversion rates and encourages the leads to visit your website again. Because the leads won’t get harassed with a lot many questions. Only they will be asked a few questions which they could provide with ease. 


2. Uplift your sales and valuable lead intelligence 


Through progressive profiling when you come to know your leads better. You can boost up your sales strategy by offering something valuable at right time.  

Now when you have tons of leads with you, it is required that you split up your leads. Nurture them and prepare your marketing campaign according to the behavior and interest of the leads.  

This way, your sales reps will have more lead intelligence and conversion will be easier.  

It is better at times to ask direct questions to your prospect. You require doing this most at a point in time. But, you also have to keep in your mind that asking  a lot many questions at once may ruin your conversion rates. Therefore plan your nurturing strategy with each of your leads and proceed according to that.  


3. Decrease the number of forms and avoids iteration


Progressive profiling does a great job by reducing the number of forms to fill up on your website. You do not have to create a single form for the different lead generation process.

When you only require contact details from a lead, the lead magnet with use the same progressive profiling for those leads.  

Besides, it also avoids the repetition of the questions and forms to be filled from each customer who visits your website. Suppose, you have many existing customers whose information is already there in your CRM database. Progressive profiling restricts from asking those same questions from the existing customers but the new leads.  


4. Saves a lot of time 


There can be many forms asking questions on the different landing pages of your website. A Progressive profiling tool like HUBSPOT’s will allow you to use the same form on every landing page of your website. Also, it makes sure that  accurate questions are being asked at the right time. This tool can save you a lot of time from generating distinct targeted forms for separate leads depending on their activities.  


5. Constructs a better user experience


You can improve your user’s experience with your services  by personalizing your forms and interactions. With the help of progressive profiling, it removes the unnecessary fields in the form provided earlier. That is always appreciated by your leads as it will save their time and they prefer shorter forms being personalized by you.   


 6. Promote your buyer’s journey and personas


As you know progressive profiling helps you in collecting more information about the lead. You can also personalize the marketing strategies and efforts. Through this, the leads can get the right content at the right time based on their journey in the sales funnel.

If you do this, you are not only promoting your sales but also proving your prospects with valuable content and information exactly what they desire for. One more thing, when you use the actual data provided by the lead, you can clarify your buyer’s persona to have better targets to meet in the future and have  higher conversion rates. 


7. Set-up better lead profiles


  Lastly, progressive profiling helps you build up a detailed customer profile and enhance the chances of leads buying from you. You have to collect a perfect amount of information from the lead which will let you qualify them further through the funnel and nothing else can help you achieve that except progressive profiling.

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