7 awesome sales prospecting automation Process

  • March 23, 2021

If you have read our blogs on sales prospecting, then surely you are clear with the concept of progressive profiling. We are concluding the sales prospecting automation process with 7 applicable strategies of sales prospecting. Then you can apply the same to your business and prepare your sales team with these activities. We are sure you will achieve growth and higher conversion rates than ever before. 

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Sales prospecting automation process


Let us start with our 7 sales prospecting automation process:- 


1. Sales prospecting should be a continuous process 


It is something that needs to be done daily and must be consistent. The sales team from many organizations does a lot of calling during the last days of the month. But trust us, this is not the way to get high lead conversions. You have to make several calls on every week of the month to achieve the desired result.

Usually, if you make 18 calls on  average, then you can contact the buyer. We recommend you to just build a healthy relationship with the prospect. Sometimes, salespersons face difficulty when they receive negative responses but still, this must be practiced regularly. 


2. Follow-up the cold leads and ask for referrals 


You must follow up the cold leads in an interval. Few sales reps consider the cold leads as useless because those are less likely to convert. Following up via phone is vital when you are selling to C- level buyers. You can assume this as one of the most vital sales prospecting strategies.

Make sure that you are providing the right details when you are on call with the prospect. First, they want to know the pricing and then after estimation. Further, they talk about the benefits and usages of the product or services. You can start the conversation with some common issues faced by the prospects and try to give a solution to the problem.  Once you succeed in converting the lead, you may ask for references, as nothing can be better than to ask for a reference from a freshly converted customer who is happy and satisfied with your product or services.  


3. Use marketing automation to send personalized emails 


Nowadays most of the conversion, prospecting as well as nurturing is achieved with the help of sales automation tools. Automation tools help in linking the contents and email campaigns with the CRM management system so that you can deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time. The tools aligned with your website convert the visitors into revenue-generating customers.

With sales automation, you have a higher number of closing ratios and you maintain the nurturing throughout the customer’s journey with you.  The personalized emails are done by marketing automation tools and are also preferred by most people. Your prospects open the emails more when you personalize them.


Sales automation process


 4. Look for quality leads and not the quantity


You might have collected a lot of leads in your database but have you thought that you will be left with  nothing if those leads are not going to convert and are they are not the potential prospects?  Therefore, you must look for high-quality prospects who can engage with you and can yield valuable results. Eliminate the low-quality leads or the leads who are analyzed not to be the right prospect for your business. This also helps in fastening the sales cycle and the decrease the incompetency that happens in the pipeline, overall improving your foundation. When your sales team gets more high-quality leads, they will be more confident and will concentrate on the sales process with the sales-ready prospects.


5. Become an expert and set-up a social media existence


If you want to get more references from your customers, you have to present yourself as an expert and provide solutions to all their problems. The salesperson has to have expert knowledge of their field. While interacting with the lead you have to know the details about the products and services you are offering, about the functions and benefits, while giving examples and also your leads want you to appreciate them so you also have to know about their achievements. 

One more important tip for you. Do not forget to build an existence in all social media platforms because all your potential customers would be active there and if do not get involved there, your competitor would do. 


6. Support your sales team with recognition, love, and incentives


We all know that working as a sales rep or being in sales is a tough job. So if you are a leader, you must always be with your sales team, support, and encourage them to go ahead and appreciate their hard work by rewarding them with incentives, recognition, and motivation.  


7. Find out ways to meet ideal prospects


There are many ways through which you can get new ideal prospects. Not only through email campaigns or contents, sometimes you have to conduct webinars or trade show where you can meet a lot of ideal prospects that too face in real and collect their contact details to build in relationship with them and provide a brief introduction about your company and what your company does for your customers. 

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